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Home Exercises: Week 41

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we have a new song that Caro put together called New Year Snow. Caro has provided us with lyrics so that we can sing along at home, and it is performed as a round so that you can join in when you like!

We also revisit a popular breathing exercise by Julie called 'Square Breathing' and a sing-along of Donavan's Happiness Runs with Kathy.

To help you wind down and relax afterwards, Anne and Pauline have chosen a couple of videos for you from YouTube.

New Year Snow

Awake to a world all covered in snow

Step gently, step slow

The sky above is wide and clear

Hopeful horizon for a New Year

Square Breathing

Julie talks Kathy and Clare through a breathing exercise.

Happiness Runs

Happiness runs in a circular motion

Thought is but a little boat upon the sea

Everybody is a part of everything anyway

You can have everything if you let yourself be.

And now, relax...

'Have the New Jab'

Chosen by Anne... a fun song with some very sensible advice!

Billy Joel - She's Always a Woman

Another of Pauline's favourites.

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