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Home Exercises: Week 47

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we have 3 new sing-along videos from Caro to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home - one will be especially familiar to some members! As there is no breathing exercise this week, feel free to look back through the home exercises page where there are a large variety of exercises to help with your breathwork. For you to wind down afterwards, Anne has chosen a few songs for you to enjoy from YouTube. Keep an eye out for a guest appearance from our patron, Barbara Dickson!

Our first sing-along 'Air' is by Mike Heron of The Incredible String Band. It is about the process of breathing. It's a nice gentle but uplifting song. Part 1 is designed as a relaxed singalong to remind you all how the tune goes, and if any of you fancy the challenge, the harmony is included in part 2

Air - Part 1

The lyrics are:

Breathing all creatures are

Brighter than the brightest star

You are, by far

You come right inside of me

Close as you can be

You kiss my blood

And my blood kiss me

Air - Part 2

In this version the harmonies are included. Follow along if you feel like challenging yourself.

Sprig of Thyme

'Sprig of Thyme' singalong of an English folk song that many people will know (or know some other version of!). It's also a neat pun on 'time/thyme' that reminds us that, even though time is precious, it will continue on, which I hope will bring folk some encouragement just now!

The lyrics are:

Once I had a sprig of thyme. It prospered by night and by day Till a false young man came a-courting to me and he stole all my thyme away

Oh, thyme it is a precious thing, And thyme it will grow on, And thyme it'll bring all things to an end, And so does my thyme grow on

The gardener was a-standing by And I asked him to choose for me And he chose me the lily, the violet and the pink, ah, but surely I refused them all three

Well it's very well a-drinking ale, And it's nice just to have a cup of wine, ah, but I like to sit with the young man I love who has gain-ed this heart of mine

And now it's time to relax with a few videos that Anne has chosen for you.

Dougie Maclean & Guests - Caledonia

The Bluebells - Young At Heart

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