Cheyne Gang Quiz Answers

06 / 02 / 21

Cheyne Gang Music Quiz 1


Name (in) That Tune


1) Who “picks up the rice in the church where a wedding has been”?    


Eleanor Rigby

1b) Which group sang the song?


The Beatles


2) Who was Dolly Parton’s love rival?




3) In 1962, which song did Bernard Cribbins and his removal

men sing?


Right said Fred


4) Abba asked, “Can you hear the drums...




5) Rod Stewart had two number one hits with girls’ names in

the titles. Can you name one or both?

(1) Baby Jane

(2) Maggie May


6) Who did Shakin’ Stevens ask:-

“Do you love me truly




7) Complete this lyric and name the musical

“How do you solve a problem like ...                     



The Sound of Music

7b) In which other musical does a ‘Jet’ sing about a girl with

the same name?


Westside Story


8) Which Rossini overture was used as the theme tune for

The Lone Ranger?


The William Tell Overture

(Give yourself a bonus point for shouting out The Lone Ranger’s catchphrase!)


9) Which name did Frank Sinatra link with a piece of cutlery?

Mack the Knife


10) Simon and Garfunkel’s theme tune for a Dustin Hoffman

film formally addressed


Mrs Robinson

Cheyne Gang Quiz - Black and White Films


​1) When bells began to ring in this film, an angel got his wings. Which James Stewart classic is this?                                 


It’s a Wonderful Life

2) Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon “dragged” themselves out of trouble in which film?        


Some Like it Hot


3) What is the name of Gary Cooper’s character in “Mr. Deed Goes To Town?”                                          




4) What actress said: “ Too much of a good thing is wonderful?”


Mae West  


5) What was the name of the island where King Kong was found? 

Skull Island

6) Robert Duvall debuted on film as Boo Radley in which black and white classic? 

To Kill a Mocking Bird

7) Which black and white film is considered Orson Well’s masterpiece by film critics? 

Citizen Kane

8) What was the name of the first talking movie starring Al Jolson? 


The Jazz Singer


9) What was the name of Debbie Reynold’s character in “Singing In The Rain?”


Kathy Seldon           


10) What successful American musical fantasy film from 1939 was adopted from L. Frank Baum’s 1900 children’s book?        


The Wizard of Oz             

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