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About The Cheyne Gang

The Cheyne Gang, so called because we held our first sessions in Cheyne Street, Edinburgh and because our members shared the common bond of COPD, originated in 2013 as a research project. Pauline Waugh, Anne Ritchie and Sarah Marshall are General Practice Nurses with an interest in COPD and other respiratory illnesses.  They also enjoy singing in their leisure time.  

The aim of the research was to look at the impact of singing in a group on the quality of life of the participants. We continue to assess quality of life of our participants today although the research project is finished.  

We know that there have been measurable improvements on quality of life for the majority of our members.

Incidentally we noted a reduction in exacerbations (chest infections), a reduction in reliever inhaler use and a reduction in hospital admissions.

From small beginnings we have grown.  We now have four groups in Edinburgh, one in Innerleithen and one in Coldstream in the Borders, as well as two in Glasgow.  In addition we support one group in Helensburgh and one in Forfar.

So if you are breathless, or know someone who would benefit from joining the Cheyne Gang, please contact us.  See details on the Contact page.

Where and when to find your nearest Cheyne Gang

Stockbridge Lifecare Centre,     

2 Cheyne Street, Edinburgh EH4 1JB
3:15-4:45pm on alternate Mondays


Greyfriars Charteris Centre, 

138 - 140 Pleasance, Edinburgh EH8 9RR
2-4pm on alterante Mondays


St John’s Colinton Mains Church,

223 Oxgangs Road North, Edinburgh EH13 9ED
11-1pm on alternate Mondays

Duncan Place Community Hub,

4 Duncan Place, Leith, Edinburgh EH6 8HW
12:15-1:45pm on alternate Mondays

Innerleithen Parish Church,

Leithen Road, Innerleithen, Peeblesshire EH44 6HX
1-3pm on alternate Tuesdays

Reidvale Community Centre
13 Whitevale Street, Dennistoun, Glasgow G31 1QW.
2-3:30pm on alternate Tuesdays


Edinburgh groups meet on Mondays during the day

Innerleithen group meets on alternate Tuesday afternoons. 

The Dennistoun group meets on alternate Tuesday afternoons

For full details please contact one of the team - details on the Contact page of this site

Where to Find Us

Cheyne Gang Supporters

We have received grants from the following charitable foundations for the period February 2019 to June 2020. We are grateful to have received extra funding from some of these sources to enable us to continue our work during the current Covid-19 pandemic.  In addition, we have had deadlines for completion of reports extended, which eases the pressure on our team, so again we thank these companies for their ongoing support.


  • CORRA Foundation 

  • Bank of Scotland Foundation

  • National Lottery Community Fund

  • Foundation Scotland

  • Co-op Innerleithen

  • Tunnocks

  • Tesco ‘bags of help’

  • Queens Nursing Institute for Scotland (QNIS)

  • Chiesi Ltd

  • The Robertson Trust

  • Commonweal Fund Trades House of Glasgow

  • Garfield Weston Foundation

Cheyne Gang Supporters

The Cheyne Gang would also like to acknowledge the following organisations, who have provided support both financial and moral over the past 7 years.

  • The Queens Nursing Institute for Scotland was the first organisation to recognise the potential in the work that Pauline, Anne and Sarah proposed.  They provided the grant for the initial research project and continue to show an interest in our work.

  • Edinburgh and Lothians Health Foundation provided a grant

  • The Scottish Government awarded us a Section 16B grant 

  • The Scottish Practice Nurse Association awarded us a grant and invited us to sing at their 2016 conference

  • Our current hosts have been supportive and encouraging - thank you all.

  • Thank you to Chest Heart and Stroke Scotland for their ongoing support and encouragement.

  • A big thank you to EPSRC Proteus Interdisciplinary Research Collaboration - Our Health for inviting us to take part in their research.

  • To the members of Traquair Community Choir and Sing in the City Choirs for their unwavering encouragement and support for our groups.

  • Irene Watson - our fabulous quilter x

  • Gillian McLaren Scott of McLaren Scott Vocals - her help has, and continues to be invaluable to our voice coaches and the wider team.

  • Ian Rankin - Author of the Rebus Books for his kind donation and support.

  • Ian McLeod and his team at Elmbank Print in Peebles have provided us with excellent service, particularly since the start of the lockdown in March.

  • We are grateful to The Soap Farm for their ongoing support.

Board of Trustees

Our board of Trustees is as follows: -

Pauline Waugh - Chair

Sarah Marshall - Secretary

Jane Howe - Business Advisor

Lenny Love - Member Representative

Margaret Laurence - Member Representative

Our annual report to the OSCR can be found below

The Cheyne Gang SCIO single tier constitution_EVOC
The Team

The Cheyne Gang Team 

The Cheyne Gang Team:

Pauline Waugh is a General Practice Nurse in Edinburgh and is the Lead Cheyne Gang Co-ordinator (THE BOSS!).  Professionally she has an interest in Respiratory Medicine.  She is a member of the Sing in the City Aw Blacks Choir

Anne Ritchie is a retired General Practice Nurse with a Specialist interest in Respiratory Medicine.  She sings with the Traquair Community Choir and is Co-ordinator for the Charteris Centre Cheyne Gang

Kathy Stewart-Kennedy is a Singer/Songwriter and music teacher with an interest in Singing for Health.  She is the Lead Voice Coach for the Cheyne Gang

Caro Overy is a singing teacher who leads choirs and singing groups in Edinburgh.  She is the Voice Coach for the Leith Group.

Julie Harvey is a singer and singing teacher and leader of the Traquair Community Choir.  She has an interest in singing for health and is the Voice Coach for the Tweed Valley Innerleithen Group.

Sophie Boyd is a singer, choir leader and PhD student.  Sophie is the Voice Coach for the Dennistoun and Bridgeton Groups.

Clare Watson is training with the Cheyne Gang at the moment but is an experienced Natural Voice Practitioner with many years of experience.  Clare is Voice Coach for the East Borders Coldstream Group

Janice Merrick is a General Practice Nurse in Dennistoun in Glasgow.  She supports Sophie with the two Glasgow groups

Fiona Halliday is a General Practice Nurse in Coldstream.  She supports Clare with the Coldstream group.

Dorothy Burns-Brown is a retired General Practice Nurse and has always loved singing.  Dot is the administrator for the Charteris Cheyne Gang

Jaci Cunningham is a retired Learning Disabilities Charge Nurse and is a member of the Sing in the City Aw Blacks Choir.  She is the Administrator for the Colinton Mains/Oxgangs Cheyne Gang

Joan Rowley is a retired teacher and is the Administrator for the Borders Cheyne Gang.

Annie McKenzie worked with children with special needs and is now retired. She is a swimming teacher and loves singing. Annie is the Administrator for the Leith Group


Ernie Whiteoak is a sessional guitarist who helps out at many of our sessions

The CG Team is supported in their work by Loretta Dunn, Gillian McLaren Scott,  Jane Howe and Gary Tait.

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