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Members at Home

Performances, favourite song submissions, interests, hobbies and more from our members.

A great way to share and keep in touch while everyone is shielding safely at home!


19th and 20th century encounters with religious missions in the Middle East.

Anita Damiani-Shanley

Hello Cheyne Gang. 


Anita, a member of our Oxgangs Cheyne Gang has had a book published! It is an interesting family story set in the The Middle East. 

"This is the story of two families, the As’ads who came from northern Syria, and the Somervilles whose ancestors had arrived from Scotland to Lebanon to live and work in the silk industry."

To find out more, please visit this link where the book is also available to buy.




Alexandra Park, Dennistoun, Glasgow

Submitted by Ian Rennox. 

Ian is a member of our Dennistoun Cheyne Gang and a keen photographer. He sent us these great photos along with some information about the park.


"The photos are of Alexandra Park in Dennistoun, Glasgow the district where Dennistoun Cheyne Gang can be found.

This year is the parks 150th Anniversary it was gifted to the City by Alexander Dennistoun who gave his name to the district. The park was officially opened in 1870 by the then Prince and Princess of Wales. The cast iron fountain dates from 1901 the main entrance from 1866. There are two ponds and the area of the park consists of 104 acres with many paths for lovely walks."

If you would like to submit something to be featured on the website please get in touch directly or contact your admin team. 


My Heart Is Ready - The Cheyne Gang and Ricciotti Ensemble


For all of you – a great clip of a Cheyne Gang performance from August 2017.


A reminder of the joy that we can feel and give to others through our performances. There may have been new restrictions introduced today that will impact all of us, but it is good to know that these restrictions won’t last forever – this too shall pass x


Members' Songs

Gordon is a member of our Charteris Group. Here is some brilliant footage from earlier in the summer of Gordon holding court and performing songs for his neighbours.

We send Gordon our love and wish him well in his recovery as he has been unwell recently. 


Desert Island Discs

This week we have two songs chosen by Isobel & Hazel from the Leith group. 

Isobel has chosen The Skye Boat Song performed by Raya Yarbrough - It's not available on YouTube so we can't add it to the site directly but a great live version can be found here.

Hazel has chosen Neil Diamond - 'Forever in Blue Jeans' - which she plays when she is getting ready for work!


This is a live performance and has a couple of bonus songs - 'I'm a Believer' & 'America' - a great video for Neil Diamond fans!

Thanks for all of the submissions - if you would like to have a video featured please get in touch! 

CG_Desert Island Discs.png


Desert Island Discs

This week we have three songs submitted by our members for you to enjoy at home.

Gail Palmer from our Charteris group has chosen Lady in Red by Chris de Burgh 

"This is sentimental as it became a memorable song for my late husband and I."

CG_Desert Island Discs.png

Shiela Swan from our Innerleithen group has chosen Smile by Nat King Cole as it feels apt for these times. 

And Margaret Cowan who is also from our Innerleithen Group has chosen Dumisani - 'Jesus Now More Than Ever' because it brings her comfort. 

If you would like to have a song featured please get in touch as we love to hear from you 


Desert Island Discs

Carolyn Robertson has asked us to feature Emotionally Yours by Bob Dylan.

It was played on her Wedding Day & holds precious memories for her.

CG_Desert Island Discs.png


Members' Songs

'Hold Your Hand in Mine' - An excellent performance of a satirical lockdown song performed by Gus who is a member of our Charteris Group.


Desert Island Discs

Thanks to everyone for their submissions - keep an eye out for them being posted over the next few weeks. 

This week we have two song choices. The first is from 92 year old Irene Garden who is a member of the Stockbridge Cheyne Gang. 

"I have decided my musical contribution should be Glenn Miller's Little Brown Jug. This takes me back to my days as a teenager dancing a quickstep at the Palais".

CG_Desert Island Discs.png

Our second song this week is from Pamela Coutts. 


"This is a lovely Scottish lullaby. You might like to consider it for Desert Island Discs. I have chosen this version, as it is closest to the version I sang it to my babies. A great favourite."



Desert Island Discs

Leighton has submitted a song for you all. 'Spread a Little Happiness' originally by Vivian Ellis and written in 1929.


This version is from 1982 and is performed by Sting. It was chosen by Leighton as it has helped him through a bad year in the past. 

CG_Desert Island Discs.png
CG_Desert Island Discs.png


Desert Island Discs

Our first favourite songs submission comes from Janet who is a member of the Stockbridge Cheyne Gang and a retired nurse.


She has chosen two great songs - Annie Lennox - 'Walking on Broken Glass' & Freddie Mercury - 'Living on My Own'. 

"I used to come home after my last night duty (8 on / 6 off ) take the kids to school then gut the house to Freddie on full blast - very powerful music , motivating."


Members' Songs

Gordon is a member of our Charteris Group. He likes nothing better than to serenade us all with his very wide repertoire of swing songs. Here he is outside his Edinburgh flat to sing a few songs to cheer your day.

Thanks Gordon and also thanks to Dot and her daughter Molly for recording the videos for us.

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