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Home Exercises: Week 11

Hello Cheyne Gang!

For week 11 of your breathing exercises and songs at home, Sophie Boyd the Voice Coach for the Dennistoun and Bridgeton Groups has prepared four videos to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home.

We also have two songs chosen by our members for you to enjoy.

Breath Extension Exercise

Counting backwards from 8 this time - even more of a challenge! If you want to make it more difficult, practice by missing out a number and replacing it with a clap or a stamp.


A lovely relaxing song, imagine being by the sea and watching the seagulls soaring above while the waves wash over the sand.

Hey Mr Miller

A song inspired by Glen Miller. It has a fun jazz influence and you can join in with actions of the different instruments. Written & arranged by David Machell (3rd section fromIn the Moodby Joe Garland and Andy Razaf). You can sing it in cannon with me if you start when I move to the second section.

I've Got a Head Like a Ping-Pong Ball

I’ve got a head like a ping-pong ball is a fun nonsense brain gym song!

And Finally we have two songs for you to enjoy that were chosen by Cath & Wilma.

Under the Boardwalk

Cath - "I prefer this version rather than the Drifters. I went to see the Stones in the Usher Hall in 1964 and that time in my life brings back so many happy memories, one of which was seeing the Stones in concert."

Only You

Wilma - In 1957, Wilma's late husband Peter, when he was her fiancé, bought her this single just before he left to do his National Service.

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