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Home Exercises: Week 99

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we revisit 3 excellent videos to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home. In July Sophie recorded a vocal warm-up to help support the breath, a song to help extend the breath, and a song/mindful cool-down. Enjoy! Singing Makes Me Very Happy! - Vocal Warm-up

Singing makes me very happy!

Ha ha ha ha!


This warm-up helps to connect abdominal breath support and voice. Let everyone know just how happy singing makes us by revving the 'V' on very. Feel the bounce in your tummy on each of the 'ha's. Play around with the stretch up to the top note on the woohoos to really feel the connection there.


This call and response song comes from Polynesia and is evocative of calling over to someone in a faraway boat. Holding onto the notes at the end of each phrase helps to extend the breath and creates harmonies. Practice singing this in call and response with a friend (it can even work over the phone or on Zoom).

There Is More Love Somewhere - Mindful Cool-Down

If you find yourself feeling a bit anxious or worried, this song offers a reflective and comforting sentiment. Sit comfortably and sing along. You can add your own words in too or try it on a gentle hum.

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