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Home Exercises: Week 35

Hello Cheyne Gang.

This week we have 3 new videos and a message from Kathy with an accompanying voice recording from The Natural Voice Network.

We also have a lovely poem by Cath Collins from our Oxgangs group. Joan, our Administrator for the Borders groups has selected a couple of her favourites for you to enjoy at home. Next week and the week before Christmas we'll have some festive cheer for you!

If you haven't opened our Advent Calendar yet, you can visit it here to catch up. Select the door and then scroll to the top of the page to view the video, poem, picture or recipe.

Heart Like the Sun

Heart Like the Sun is by Deva Primal and Miten - a gentle, positive song for a dark December day.

Silence Tells a Beautiful Story

Home Video by: Kathy Stewart Kennedy

Dearest Cheyne Gang Members,

I love the silence of early morning. I looked around me and realised I am surrounded by sweet memory, and I feel a kind of comfort in the ordinary objects that make up my daily life, many of which I have collected, or have been given to me as acts of friendship and love. I was inspired to look at them through the eye of a lens, and each object told me a story. Then I realised their stories were fragments of my own, personal history. I instantly felt a feeling of peace and deep satisfaction realising that when we look at the world through our heart we bring the meditative state of mind and a creative eye to our ordinary world.

I invite you to try the same – we can all be filmmakers by slowly walking around a room, observing your daily world and realising it is a world with soul . It doesn’t need to be with your phones ( although it’s simple and fun ) – maybe try your hand at sketching, writing a short poem, lyrics to a song, beginning that journal at long last. There are so many ways to be creative. Creativity isn’t for the “chosen” few. Remember, there was a time you may have doubted that you could sing. And now you are a member of the infamous Singing for Breathing and Well-Being group : The Cheyne Gang!

Missing you and sending love,



This short recording is taken from the book and MP 3 called: This Room Sings by The Natural Voice Network . The round is written by Anni Traci. It is a companion piece to the video of the same name as a demonstration of the round.

A poem to The Cheyne Gang by Cath Collins from our Oxgangs group.

A Poem by Cath Collins
Download • 161KB

And here are Joan's song choices for this week.

K.D. Lang - Constant Craving

Toots & the Maytals with Willie Nelson - Still Is Still Moving to Me

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