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Home Exercises: Week 46

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week Kathy has prepared 3 new videos (featuring special guest star Charlie) as part of a core singing exercise that will help you extend your breathing. Try not to wake up that sleeping dog! Anne has also chosen an excellent song for you all from YouTube that features our very own... Kathy!

Core Singing: Sing Softly Exercise Part 1

Sing Softly Exercise featuring Charlie as the sleeping dog

Core Singing: Sing Softly Exercise Part 2

Can you sing softly enough so that Charlie doesn't wake up?

Core Singing: Action Song

A fun song with attention to your core!

There’s a mouse in the house

There’s a mouse in the kitchen

Whey-oh, get out of this house!

Kathy Stewart - Algoma Steel Fires

A great track by Kathy, from the album Celestial Shoes released in March 2000. This is Anne's favourite song from the album and her pick from YouTube for this week.

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