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Home Exercises: Week 49

Hello Cheyne Gang! We have two new videos from Clare to share with you this week. A fun warm-up and a short breathing exercise to extend your breath. We also have a popular sing-along from your Zoom choir sessions and we look back at a performance from The Cheyne Gang accompanied by The Ricciotti Ensemble in 2017 - it's fantastic!

Relaxing the Face

The face can get very tense, particularly the jaw and this can affect the rest of the body. Relaxing exercises can help free the body, free the voice and free the breath.

Extending the Outbreath

Here is an exercise invented especially for The Cheyne Gang. Let the days of the week lead you towards a deeper breathing experience.

And now, let's have a sing-along! Sing, Sing a Song - The Carpenters

My Heart Is Ready with The Cheyne Gang and Ricciotti Ensemble

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