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Home Exercises: Week 5

This week we have a Sing-Along from Clare Watson that is broken down into 3 parts to learn, and we have two breathing exercises and a song from Sophie Boyd to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home.

Clare is Voice Coach for the East Borders Coldstream Group

Sophie is the Voice Coach for the Dennistoun and Bridgeton Groups.

First of all, here are a few exercises from Sophie to warm up.


Breathing exercises to connect breath with abdominal muscles, letting yourself reinflate as you relax your muscles to let in your breath.

Breath Extension

This exercise combines some brain gym with some vocal warm-up and acts to extend your outbreath. You can practice it at home by missing out more numbers in the sequence.

One Heart Beating

This song is by Sue Kirkpatrick.

I often use it near the beginning of a singing session as it is good for helping us tune in together.

I think the words are lovely and very appropriate for now.

I have recorded the three parts separately as learning tracks and then put them together as a sing-along track.


Part 1

Part 2

Part 3

One Heart Beating: Sing-Along

Here is a link to a lovely version by Oona McOuat

Back to Sophie for a call and response sing-along

ur live site

What’s That I Hear up in the Attic?

This is an absolute favourite song in the Glasgow Cheyne Gang groups. I learned it from my friend Katy Cooper and a member of her choir wrote most of the verses. You can have a go at writing some too. It’s a call and response song so I will sing every phrase twice and you sing it back with me when I repeat the phrase.

And finally, here is a song Sophie has chosen for you all:

Here Comes the Sun

A feel good song for Spring now that the sun (sometimes!) is shining again!

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