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Home Exercises: Week 55

Hello Cheyne Gang!

Welcome back to your weekly songs and exercises after our 2 week Easter break. Kathy has written a very seasonal song for you all! In our first video Kathy will play the song and in the second video she demonstrates how to sing the song using your Cheyne Gang breathing techniques. She has also sent us a video of her local bees performing a song! Kathy has also sent in another song by Ruthie for you all to enjoy. You may remember we featured a song sung by Ruthie a couple of months ago. Ruthie is the mother of one of Kathy's musical collaborators. She has sung a range of songs from classics through to more modern tracks and Ruthie and Dave have kindly given us permission to share some of her songs with you. This week Ruthie is singing Teenage Kicks.

To finish off this week we can all wind down to a live performance of 'Here Comes the Sun' by George Harrison with Ringo on drums but minus the other two Beatles!

Springtime Is Singing

A song to celebrate spring by Kathy Kennedy

Springtime is Singing - Tutorial


Comes in like a lion and out like a lamb:

Raindrops bring flowers, so come take my hand

We’re walking on sunshine and isn’t it grand

It’s like Springtime is singing

All over this land!

Singing that sweet song, the birds and the bees song

A you-are-for-me song, when love’s in the air

We’re walking on sunshine and isn’t it grand

It’s like springtime is singing

All over this land!

The Song of the Bees

If you listen closely you can hear the bees collecting nectar from the cherry blossoms at Portmore Gardens.

Ruth Wilson

"2020 has been challenging and has prompted us all to do many different things. In Ruth’s case it’s been singing.

Born in March 1926, so currently 94, singing has been a bit of a stranger to Ruth. Her father was a good singer and, as a young girl, she remembers the family gathered around the piano.

Lockdown could have driven us all crazy but singing has been Ruth’s saviour."

More information about Ruthie and more of her songs can be found here.

Ruthie - Teenage Kicks

Here Comes the Sun (Live) - George Harrison

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