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Home Exercises: Week 7

First of all, if you haven't seen it yet, we have a video message from Anne to keep you all up to date with the plans over the next few months.

For week 7 we have a couple of exercises, a song and a poem to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home! These were filmed by Julie and Kathy.

Julie is the Voice Coach for the Tweed Valley Innerleithen Group.

Kathy is the Lead Voice Coach for the Cheyne Gang.

To start we have a lovely poem from Julie's childhood called 'The Lion & Albert'

The Lion & Albert

Next, we have an 8 step warm-up with Kathy (and Taylor)

8 Step Routine

Our last exercise for the week is a vocal warm-up with Julie

Voice Warm-Up

Here is a song written by Kathy to cheer you all up

When You Sing

And finally here is a song chosen by Anne

Ella Fitzgerald - Don't Fence Me in

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