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Home Exercises: Week 75

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Clare has filmed 3 videos that involve light exercise, a breathing exercise and a sing-along. To finish up, Anne has sent over a couple of songs for you to enjoy.

"I have put together three videos which together give you an opportunity for a fun physical warm up, breathing exercises using tongue twisters (something for the brain too) and a sing-along to something familiar."

Hokey Cokey - Warm-Up

I do this standing but feel free to sit if that works best for you.

Speech Exercise

I use the familiar sounds for connecting with your abdominal muscles, this time with words attached.

Money, Money, Money

Having fun with an ABBA song using some call and response.

And finally, here are a couple of songs from Anne.

Blur - Tender

"From my wee pal Heather x"

Dion — The Wanderer

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