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Home Exercises: Week 1 - Part 1

Updated: Apr 9, 2020

Hello to you all out there in social isolation!   We miss you all very much!  We have been busy looking for ways to stay in touch and to help you with some breathing exercises and songs to do at home.  Here is the first installment, which some of you may already have but we've added images to help you relax.

Over the next few weeks we'll add a weekly songs, exercises and relaxation techniques.  Here's Julie with some breathing exercises and a song that will help you to extend your out breath (some of you will already know this song).  Have fun and come back in a few days for more.

Look after yourselves and keep singing!

Love from Anne, Pauline and all the Cheyne Gang Team xxx

Breathing Exercises

please click on the link above for more information about these exercises.

Breathing Exercise 1: Ready for Action

Practise in the morning or when you need positive energy. Sit in a comfortable place in a relaxed upright position.

Breathing Exercise 2: Connecting to Your Core

Practise this any time throughout the day.

Breathing Exercise 3: Equal Breathing

If you use at night, complete your night time routine first as you may fall asleep.

Voice Warm-Up: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5...

A fun exercise to work on your vocal range and your breath control.

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Well l pressed a little bit harder than l thought and almost lost my "diamond Stud in my belly button" when doing No 3 and guess who automatic harmony in No 4 ????

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