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Home Exercises: Week 1 - Part 2

Keeping The Cheyne Gang Singing

please click on the link above for more information about all of the exercises for week 1.


a simple jazzy song

Sing and rejoice (William Bradbury 19th century)

Sing and rejoice, Sing and rejoice

Let all things living now sing and rejoice

World Song: Sansa Kromo (video from Alex Flores YouTube channel)

Sansa Kromo (arr Barbara Swetina & John Rees)

Ghanian song about a hawk circling in the sky.

“Sansa kromo ni-ne woh chay chay coco ma

Sansa kromo ni-ne woh chay chay coco ma”

World Song: Banaha (video from Ben Jonson Primary School Youtube channel)

At the foot of the pineapple tree Yaku ladles a banana into his aunt's red hat..!

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