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Home Exercises: Week 10

Hello Cheyne Gang

This week we have two videos from Julie to warm you up and a song that is a Cheyne Gang favourite from Kathy.

Kathy has also chosen a few YouTube videos for you all to watch and sing along with.

Feel the Fill


Next we have a song to sing with Kathy that was recorded back in April.

Great Day

Great Day – A Cheyne Gang favourite for three parts brought to us by one of our talented singing group facilitators, Caro Overy, who originally sourced it from the Natural Voice Network.

And finally, here are two songs for all of you that Kathy has picked out.

The Lady is a Tramp

I find this performance a delight in every way. My late father ( a jazz musician ) loved Tony Bennet’s singing style and I think he would have approved of Lady Gaga’s cheeky and skilled

performance here ( a fellow New Yorker ) – love the interaction between the two of them – full of fun, style and joy.

Love Can Build A Bridge

A beautiful song to sing along to, and to appreciate how the lyrics resonate at this point in time. One of our original CheyneGang members, Collette Buckham, from the Stockbridge group has wanted us to sing this for years! Now is our chance to learn it. Thanks for your patience, Collette!

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l have had the patience of a "Saint" ----- time to do this my American Lass ?? x

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