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Home Exercises: Week 13

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week, Fiona MacDonald who was trained by The Cheyne Gang and supports a singing for breathing group in Helensburgh has prepared two exercises for you and has selected a couple of songs from YouTube for you to enjoy. We also have a fun song with lyrics from Kathy so that you can join in at home.

Mindfulness Exercise

A simple mindfulness exercise we can use anytime, anywhere to relax and focus on the present moment.

Stretching Body Warm Up

A stretching warm up to help us relax and release tension, particularly focusing on the upper body.

The Pittenweem Kettle Song

The Pittenweem Kettle Song ( from Fife ) came from Archie Fisher but was introduced to me by Bill Kell – Get those laugh muscles working!


Yer no gettin’ a shot of my kettle, my kettle

Yer no gettin’ a shot of my kettle again

The last time you had it, you bugger, you broke it,

You’re no getting’ a shot of my kettle again!

And here are two songs that have been selected by Fiona for you to enjoy at home.

James Taylor - You've Got a Friend

(Fiona's all time favourite)

Crowded House - Don't Dream It's Over

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