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Home Exercises: Week 16

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we have two songs for you to learn and sing along with at home and we also re-visit a popular breathing exercise from week 1.

Kathy has an American folk song for you to learn - Shawneetown. Fiona has contributed a great in-depth tutorial for 'Blackbird' by The Beatles and we revisit one of Julie's breathing exercises. We also have a song from YouTube that Fiona has chosen for you all to enjoy!

To start us off here is Kathy.

Shawneetown - Demonstration

An American Folk Song - Kathy demonstrates and teaches the chorus of this song/exercise on her front porch.

Shawneetown - Sing-Along

Sing along with the chorus and row that boat!

Next, Here is Fiona with a brilliant video that teaches you The Beatles song 'Blackbird' using your Cheyne Gang singing and breathing techniques.

Blackbird - Part 1

Exploring Blackbird by The Beatles, using our Cheyne Gang singing techniques.

Blackbird - Part 2

Using what we've practiced in Part 1 to sing the whole song with guitar accompaniment.

Now we re-visit a great breathing exercise by Julie from week 1.

Ready for Action

Practise in the morning or when you need positive energy. Sit in a comfortable place in a relaxed upright position.

And finally, here is one of Fiona's favourites for you to enjoy.

The Proclaimers - I'm Gonna Be (500 Miles)

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