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Home Exercises: Week 18

Hello Cheyne Gang

This week we have something special for you. Last week, Anne met Kathy, Julie and Clare and filmed them* demonstrating several breathing exercises and songs that will be posted over the next few weeks to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home!

We also have a selection of Scottish songs of welcome performed by Kathy in her porch, and Anne has selected a couple of her favourite songs for you to enjoy at home.

* please note - the songs and exercises were filmed in a well ventilated greenhouse and our voice coaches adhered to social distancing at all times.

Feel the Fill

Julie talks Kathy & Clare through a breathing exercise.

Follow, Follow, Follow

A nice natural voice round that Clare has taught to Julie & Kathy.

Scottish Songs of Welcome

Kathy performs 3 songs on her front porch for you. You can find the lyrics below to sing along at home!

Come in, Come in - by Andy Stewart (of Donald Where’s Your Troosers fame)


Come in , come in, it’s nice to see ya, how’s yoursel’ - you’re lookin’ grand!

Tak a seat lets hae a blether – Friend you’re welcome, Take my hand!

You Can Come and See the Baby - by Glasgow’s Will Fyffe

You can come to see the baby any time you come to call

He’s lyin’ wi’ his mammy in a wee white shawl

He looks so neat and swanky like a dumplin’ in a hanky

And we’re gonna call him William Angus Jaimeson Jock McColl!

Come Away In - by Karine Polwart

Welcome into the house

Where we have bread to eat, and room at the table

Welcome into the house

Where we sit down to meet with stranger and neighbour

Welcome into the house!


Come away, come away in

Come away, come away in

The storm it is rising but we’ll hold back the wind

Come away, come away in!

Finally, our lovely camera operator, Anne has chosen a few of her favourite songs for you to enjoy at home!

Helen Shapiro — Walkin' Back to Happiness

Singing In The Rain - Gene Kelly

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