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Home Exercises: Week 3

Videos from Kathy Kennedy to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home.

Mindful Relaxation

1. Mindful Relaxation: for improved postural alignment, noticing and following breath , gentle stretches to reduce tension in the upper body, and experiencing stillness and calm in the present moment. From the grotto at Portmore Gardens.

One Hen

2. One Hen: I designed a song using the “Announcer’s Test” originally from Radio Central New York circa 1940: a cold reading test given to prospective radio talent to demonstrate their speaking and breath control. I demonstrate the song in this video.

One Hen (Part 2)

3. One Hen (Part 2): Call and response to use as a cognitive exercise and also for releasing jaw tension, warming up your “articulators” and stealthy core work. It’s also a bit of fun!

Let the Circle Be Wide

4. Let The Circle Be Wide: Kate O’Connell who runs her “Singing For Peace” workshops in Forres, shared this lovely chorus that I demonstrate in this video. It is by the Irish songwriter, Tommy Sands, who has spent his life using music to spread hope, healing and inspiration. This is a song about connection at a time when we need it most – even if it is via the internet! How strange that our current “fireside” is our iphones, laptops and computers.

Let the Circle Be Wide (Part 2)

5. Let The Circle Be Wide (Part 2): I am demonstrating the higher harmony part so that our sopranos can sing in harmony with the melody.


6. S.M.I.L.E.: Never let it be said that we didn’t end a session without our signature song!

Kathy has picked some songs from YouTube that she thinks the Cheyne Gang will enjoy:

George Ezra - Shotgun (Lyric Video) (video from George Ezra Youtube channel)

Dean Martin - Bye Bye Blackbird (video from imanuglyfrogtoo Youtube channel)

Enjoy & take care!

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