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Home Exercises: Week 33

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we revisit several favourite videos from earlier in the year by Julie and Kathy. We have a breathing exercise, a vocal warm-up and a song tutorial to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home! We also have a few songs from YouTube for you to sing along with or enjoy, One of them from our Patron - Barbara Dickson! ❤️

Feel the Fill

Voice Warm-Up

Let The Circle Be Wide

Kate O’Connell who runs her “Singing For Peace” workshops in Forres, shared this lovely chorus that I demonstrate in this video. It is by the Irish songwriter, Tommy Sands, who has spent his life using music to spread hope, healing and inspiration. This is a song about connection at a time when we need it most – even if it is via the internet! How strange that our current “fireside” is our iphones, laptops and computers.

Let The Circle Be Wide (Part 2)

I am demonstrating the higher harmony part so that our sopranos can sing in harmony with the melody.

Bruce Springsteen w/The Seeger Singers Band - How Can I Keep From Singing

Barbara Dickson - Time is Going Faster

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