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Home Exercises: Week 50

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we have 3 new videos from Julie. Julie has filmed a breathing exercise, a voice warm-up and a sing along to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home! Julie has chosen a YouTube video of 'Mama Paquita' for you to sing along with once you have got to know the song, and Anne has selected another of her favourites for you all to sit back and enjoy! If you would like to discuss the exercises with other members, please visit our forum page where we have started a discussion on the exercises. The Cheyne Gang community forum is a safe and private online space for you to check in with other members and discuss all things Cheyne Gang and more. There are currently many topics up for discussion, from books and hobbies, to recipes and favourite places.

Breathing Exercise

In this exercise we practice breathing out first to create space for a breath in, making each breath equal lengths. We'll notice the tummy muscles engage as we breath lower in the body. This exercise is good for relaxation, calming a busy mind or helping you to fall asleep.

Voice Warm-Up

A great voice warm up for moving up and down gently through your pitch range on the 'ng' sound.

Mama Paquita

A cheerful carnival song for you to practice singing short then longer phrases to extend your breathing through singing.

Mama Paquita

Mama Paquita

Mama Paquita buy your baby a papaya

A ripe papaya

And a banana

A ripe banana for your baby to enjoy

Mama Paquita - extra lyrics

The Beatles - Here Comes The Sun

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