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Home Exercises: Week 60

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Sophie has filmed 3 excellent videos for you - A breathing exercise, a brain gym/breath extension exercise and fun traditional Scottish patter song! To wind down and relax, Anne, and her husband Jim have selected a couple of songs for you to enjoy!

Row, Row, Row Your Boat - Abdominal Check-in

This exercise uses the rhythm of a well known song to check-in with our abdominal muscles as they work hard to support our singing breath. We might feel a difference in our abdominal muscles depending on the sound we're using, as explained in the video. It's important to check-in with our abdominal muscles so that we can really connect with them when we do our deep breathing practice.

All the 5s - Counting Exercise

This brain gym exercise is taught with a pattern that extends the breath a little further with each iteration. You can try practicing it without the 5s and once you've got a hang of the pattern, see how fast you can go.

Mary Mac - Traditional Scottish Patter Song

A traditional piece of Scottish patter music. Patter music is a mouthful to sing, which makes it fun to try singing very quickly! The video teaches the words first which you can practice without the tune:

Mary Mac's mother's macking Mary Mac marry me,

My mother's macking me marry Mary Mac.

I'm gonna marry Mary so that Mary can tac care O' me.

We'll all be macking merry when I marry Mary Mack.

Fred (Live at the Marquee Club, London)

Chosen by Anne

Matt Monro - This Is The Life

Chosen by Jim

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