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Home Exercises: Week 61

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Caro has filmed 2 new songs for us that will help with our breathwork, our phrasing and will encourage us to extend our out-breath. There are two tutorials and two sing-alongs in the form of a round. To relax afterwards, Anne has chosen a few songs from YouTube.

First Bird Song - Tutorial

This is an Irish song about hearing the first birdsong of the Spring. I've chosen it because the phrasing for the breath is short-short-long, and it's a really pretty tune!

First Bird Song - Sing-Along

This is an audio file of the song in a round - when put in a round it sounds like birds waking up voice by voice. It should be a bit of a challenge to hold on to the original tune by the end!

Cuckoo (as I Went Walking) - Tutorial

This is a Medieval English song about hearing a cuckoo when out for a walk on a May morning. I've chosen it because the long phrase supports extension of the outbreath, so it works to sing the song on its own or keep it going for a bit of a challenge.

Cuckoo (as I Went Walking) - Sing-Along

This is an audio file of the song in a round - it has a fun circularity, again a bit of a challenge once all the parts build up, and a good opportunity to sing the full and more challenging longer phrase in the song.

Carly Simon - You're So Vain

Stevie Wonder - Sir Duke

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