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Home Exercises: Week 63

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Kathy has filmed some great videos for us - a 3 part series on extending the outbreath that uses the song 'This Little Light of Mine', a walk around the greenhouse at Portmore, a poem read by Kathy and a video of Kathy's childhood role model! EXTENDING THE OUTBREATH - This Little Light of Mine

This Little Light of Mine – Part 1

Verse 1 demonstration

This Little Light of Mine - Part 2

Verse 2 demonstration

This Little Light of Mine - Part 3

Sing-Along to This Little Light of Mine

A Walk Around Portmore Greenhouse

Kathy takes the Cheyne Gang on a walk around the June flowers display at Portmore Greenhouse, Peebleshire. Noticing colours, shapes, imagining the scent of jasmine and the spring morning soundscape. Beauty for the spirit and senses.

Poem Reading - She Let Go

The letting-go breath can be performed quietly but it can also be used to create a big sigh of tension out of the body. Kathy hopes you enjoy the beautiful poem, “She Let Go” by Safire Rose.

I Love to Singa

This little cartoon owl was Kathy’s role model when she was a child growing up in the USA - Perfect for this month as he is singing about the moon and June… and how he loves-a to sing! And so do we!

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