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Home Exercises: Week 64

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Clare has sent a sing-along for us all to join in with. There are 3 tutorials so that we can learn the song and then a short sing-along to put it all into practice.

Clare has also sent us a couple of her favourite songs from YouTube to wind down with afterwards.

During the summer the exercises will be posted every second week. This means that the next update will be on Friday 9th July. If you feel like you will miss the weekly update during this period, please feel free to re-visit any of the previous weeks material. There are lots of breathing exercises and songs to enjoy.

Go Slow

"When I was on my 'March in March' walking to raise money for the Cheyne Gang, I became very tired in my second week. One day, as I started out, I told myself I needed to go slow. In fact, I started speaking aloud and as I did so, I found myself making a rhyme which I then turned into a bass line.

The next day, I tried a different point of view and a second part.

It can often be hard to go slow in a fast world. I decided to write yet another point of view for a third part.

I have made three short videos to teach each part and you can decide which you feel like today.

You can then join in with one of the parts in my video of all three together. Enjoy."

Go Slow - Tutorial Part 1

Oh go slow so no woe

Go Slow - Tutorial Part 2

I’ll go slow

But I don’t know

That I’ll manage everything

If I go slow

Go Slow - Tutorial Part 3

Everything is do-able

I’m quite convinced of that

Going slow is risible

I have no time to chat

Go Slow - Sing-Along

Now that you know the lyrics, pick a part and sing along.

Jon Batiste - FREEDOM

Nichole Nordeman - Slow Down

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