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Home Exercises: Week 72

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Sophie has filmed 2 great videos and recorded a sing-along for you. These songs will help with your breath extension and encourage you to engage your abdominal support muscles.

To wind down afterwards Pauline and Anne have chosen a couple of songs for you to enjoy. There’s a River Flowing in My Soul

This song helps us to extend our breath using a combination of short and long song phrases.

Once you’ve got a hang of the song, try experimenting with different lyrics. Here are some that I came up with that you could try:

There is music flowing in my breath

And it’s telling me that I’m breathing free

There is power ringing in my voice

And it’s telling me that I’m singing beautifully

There is rhythm beating in my heart

And it’s telling me that I’m dancing free

Iroquois Lullaby

This lullaby comes from the Iroquois First Nation people from the American NorthEast (which is a correction from the NorthWest which mistakenly I said in the video). This song encourages us to engage with our abdominal support muscles as we sing through the long phrase. It's also a gentle and relaxing song to sing along to.

As you might imagine for a lullaby the words are about gently sending a baby to sleep. The Iroquois lyrics could be translated as:

Sleep sleep little one

Sleep sleep little one

Sleep sleep little one

Sleep now, sleep now

Or you might try singing in French:

Do do mon petit

Do do mon petit

Do do mon petit

Et Bonne nuit, et Bonne nuit

Iroquois Lullaby - Sing-Along

Here is a lilting guitar accompaniment to sing along to. Let yourself relax as you sing through the song three times.

And here are the songs that Pauline and Anne have chosen for you.

Creedence Clearwater Revival - Have You Ever Seen The Rain

Chosen by Pauline.

John Denver - Rocky Mountain High

Chosen by Anne.

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