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Home Exercises: Week 76

Hello Cheyne Gang! Kathy has a Singing in the Rain themed week for you - a physical warm-up, a breathing exercise and a sing-along await - enjoy! Singing in the Rain – Kathy’s Physical Warm-Up

Singing in the Rain – Extending Your Outbreath

Singing in the Rain : Let’s Sing!

A wee challenge!

See if you can fill in the missing words to Singing in the Rain!

Lyric Challenge SITR
Download PDF • 16KB

Merlin Academy’s Harmony Belles singing: One Heart Beating for the Cheyne Gang

Thought for this week:

“ I will breathe with all creation – I will dwell in the truth that I am one with all life and all life is at one with me…”

Caroline Myss

Movie Clip: Make ‘Em Laugh ( 1952 )

"Singing and Laughter – always the best medicine – but don’t try this at home!"

Kathy x

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