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Home Exercises: Week 77

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Julie has recorded a breathing exercise and voice warm up as well as

two songs which may be familiar to some of you!


Use the breathing exercise to become aware of your breathing lower in

the body and feel the fill, then use one of the sounds 'z' to

enjoy the resonance of singing "Zingamama" as a voice warm up.

Ooh la la ley!

The Autumn Equinox happened this week so here's a reminder those

amazing autumn sunsets will turn to daylight again!


Ooh la la ley

Another evening fades away

I know the golden sun won't disappear for long

Because tomorrow brings another day

I Stand Tall

Written by Gitika Partington, The Cheyne Gang once sang this in

concert. Sing the last notes of phrases short then gradually

longer and articulate final consonants strongly to help breathe in

longer lyric lines.


I stand tall, watching everything that life gives to me

I stand tall, my feet are rooted to the earth like a strong oak tree.

I stand tall, the wind blows, I stand tall

I stand tall, my life grows, I stand tall.

And because there was a gorgeous moon this week, let's hear Neil

Young's Harvest Moon...

And because it is September and I know you all like to get

moving and armchair dancing, have a good old boogie with this

song from the 70s!!

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