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Home Exercises: Week 78

Hello Cheyne Gang!

This week we have three new videos from Sophie. A breathing exercise, a brain gym exercise and a sing-along. We also have a ten minute video that was filmed at the first face to face Cheyne Gang session in 18 months. Kathy teaches the Innerleithen group a new warm-up exercise and song, and you can join in at home! Ha-ha-ha - Vocal Warm-Up

This exercise tunes into the abdominal muscles which support our breath as we sing. The exercise works up the vocal range to gently warm it up. Try experimenting with different sounds and starting higher or lower in your voice.

A Ram Sam Sam - Cognitive Movement Song

This song from Morocco brings in some coordinated movements to get our brains concentrating and our bodies active. Remember all movements are optional and you can add in your own ones too. It's quite tricky to get the hang of, so it might help to learn the song first before adding in the actions.

If you're wondering whether the song sounds a bit familiar? You might know it with different lyrics referring to various fast food restaurants…

Sing Your Way Home

As the evenings are drawing in, here is a wee song to sing if you're out and about. It's lovely and relaxing to sing so enjoy the gentle sway of the melody. It's a good song for extending our breath where you can try singing the last section all in one breath.


Sing your way home

At the close of the day.

Sing your way home,

Drive the shadows away.

Smile every mile

For wherever you roam

It will brighten your road,

It will lighten your load,

If you sing your way home.

And to finish off, here is Kathy and the Innerleithen group earlier this week.

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