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Home Exercises: Week 87

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week we have something a bit different for you - light aerobic exercises that have been demonstrated by Clare. Anne has provided some information about them below.

Aerobic Exercises

These exercises, as demonstrated by Clare’s alter ego, Kizzy, are used by a group in Forfar who have COPD and other respiratory conditions. The group consists of “patients” only and the exercise classes are lead by one of their members, Ian, who kindly agreed to share his moves with us.

Once I received the document with the exercises on I asked a respiratory physiotherapist to look them over. She tweaked them a wee bit and Kizzy’s videos are the result!.....Davina McCall eat your heart out!

Remember to only do as much as keeps you within your comfort zone. The more often you do them, the more you will be able to do. When Pauline, Joan and I visited the Forfar group, most of whom had been doing these exercises once a fortnight for months/years, I was struggling whilst folks in their 90s were still going!

Enjoy! And thanks to Clare/Kizzy for her hard work!

Anne x


Kizzy introduces herself and her special exercises. She demonstrates the moves from the warm-up video.


Kizzy goes through her fun Warm Up with music to get us into the groove. It’s important to go through the Warm- Up before attempting the other Exercises. It can also be done on its own.


And here are your exercises. They are demonstrated to music over two separate videos.

Part 1

Part 2

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