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Home Exercises: Week 44

Hello Cheyne Gang

This week we have 3 new videos from Kathy. A breathing exercise, a relaxation video and a sing-along to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home! We also have a guest sing-along this week. One of Kathy's friends and musical collaborators, Dave Gray, has been recording his 94 year old mother singing during lockdown. Ruthie has sung a range of songs from classics through to more modern tracks and Ruthie and Dave have kindly given us permission to share some of her songs with you. This week we can all join Ruthie and sing 'Que Sera, Sera'.

Anne has chosen a few of her favourites from YouTube and the answers to The Cheyne Gang quizzes that you were sent are now available to view here.

Conscious Breathing

Morning Exercise : Gentle, conscious breathing to set your day’s intentions, or by simply giving yourself the space and permission to relax and be kind to yourself. “Just a Breath Away” is by Miten, who, alongside his partner Deva Premal , write and sing songs and mantras for the purpose of healing and well-being.

All Will Be Well

We bring to our awareness the words of Julian of Norwich from as far back as the 13th Century as we “breath out” these words. As the vaccine roll out gathers pace, we see a glimmer of light after a long lock down.

The Bells of Norwich

Join me in the chorus of “The Bells of Norwich” – a song of hope with the coming of the daffodils

The Bells of Norwich

Sydney Bertram Carter

Loud are the bells of Norwich

And the people come and go

Here by the tower of Julian

I tell them what I know


Ring out the bells of Norwich

And let the winter come and go

All will be well again I know.

Love like the yellow daffodil

Is coming through the snow

Love like the yellow daffodil

Is lord of all I know


Ring for the yellow daffodil

The flower of the snow

Ring for the yellow daffodil

And tell them what I know

Sing-Along with Ruthie

Ruth Wilson

"2020 has been challenging and has prompted us all to do many different things. In Ruth’s case it’s been singing.

Born in March 1926, so currently 94, singing has been a bit of a stranger to Ruth. Her father was a good singer and, as a young girl, she remembers the family gathered around the piano.

Lockdown could have driven us all crazy but singing has been Ruth’s saviour."

More information about Ruthie and more of her songs can be found here.

Certainly we can all relate to singing getting us through and bringing us together, albeit virtually at present. Let's sing-along with Ruthie!

If you want to join in and don't know the words, you can find the lyrics here.

And to finish off, here are a few of Anne's favourite songs.

J.S. Bach: Adagios- Sheep May Safely Graze

In Anticipation of Spring.

Edelweiss from The Sound of Music

For Christopher Plummer

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