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Home Exercises: Week 52

Hello Cheyne Gang!

In our 52nd week of keeping The Cheyne Gang singing at home we have two new videos from Caro. Caro has filmed a new song for us which is very fitting with the time of year. 'What Starts With a Seed' is a vocal exercise and brain workout which will help you extend your outbreath and work on your vocal range. The first video will teach you the song and technique, while the second video performs the song as a round. Caro has provided us with the lyrics so that we can sing along at home. To wind down afterwards, Anne has chosen a couple of songs for you to enjoy from YouTube. As usual, we will take an Easter break for two weeks, so there won't be any new songs or exercises until the week of the 19th April. During this time we encourage you all to visit the home exercises page on the website where you will find a wide range of breathing exercises and songs from the past year. The latest quiz answers are now available too and can be viewed here.

What Starts With a Seed

What starts

What starts with a seed

What starts with a seed ends

What starts with a seed ends with a flower

What starts with a seed, ends with a flower? Everything

What starts with a seed ends with a flower, everything grows!

What Starts With a Seed - Round

And finally this week, Anne has selected a couple of songs for you to enjoy.

Beach Boys - I Can Hear Music

Stevie Wonder - For Once in My Life

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