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Home Exercises: Week 6

Updated: May 15, 2020

This week we have another sing along from Clare Watson called We Are Together, and two breathing exercises and a self-written song from Caro Overy to keep The Cheyne Gang singing at home.

Clare is Voice Coach for the East Borders Coldstream Group. Caro is the Voice Coach for the Leith Group.

First of all, here are Caro's breathing exercises to warm up.

Dandelion Clock

Dandelion Clock - Extended

We Are Together

This song comes from a life affirming documentary of the same name. It can be very uplifting.

It is a bit like a call and response.

I have recorded the three response parts as learning tracks and then put the parts together with the call to sing along to.

We Are Together - Part 1

We Are Together - Part 2

We Are Together - Part 3

We Are Together - Sing-Along

Words (the response part sings the words of the caller)

Thina, thina sumunye (thina is pronounced tseena)

Singa bom deni

We are, we are together

We are family

And here is the trailer to the film

Little Star/Old Lady Moon

This is a song Caro wrote, and it’s two songs in one! It has a relaxed lullaby feel to it with nice easy phrasing. The lyrics are:

Little star, silver bright

Bringing hope in the night

When I’m out on the sea

You shine just for me

Little star, silver bright

Old Lady Moon, glimmering

Light up the gloom, shimmering

Wise and calm

Keep us from harm

Old Lady Moon

And finally for this week, Anne has chosen a song that she thinks you will all enjoy.

Doris Day- Que Sera Sera

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