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Home Exercises: Week 62

Hello Cheyne Gang! This week Julie has recorded a new breathing exercise based on a catchphrase. It is a simple practice to help you in everyday situations. Julie has also sent us a song by one of her friends to sing along to, and chosen a video from YouTube for us to enjoy. We also have the latest Cheyne Gang Music Quiz answers and you can view them here.


Hidden in this catchphrase is a step by step approach to help you use a simple breathing practice in everyday situations or if you experience feelings of breathlessness.

Sing Hey Hey, Summer is Here - Christiane Morley

A summer song to sing along to and make you feel good.


Sing hey, hey, summer is here, sorrows are the past

Sing hey hey summer is here, happiness at last

Summer, summer, summer is here

Summer, summer, time to be free

Summer summer time to be free

Summer summmer the best way to be!

by Christiane Morley 16.04.2021

To finish up this week Julie has chosen 'One Voice' by The Wailin' Jennies.

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